What’s your story?

Humans Buy Services. Honest.


At ‘humansbuyservices.honest’ we believe in aligning our marketing efforts to human behaviour and away from impersonal, corporate marketing where dialogue is stifled by lack of character. It’s part of our campaign to get businesses out of their comfort zones and into meaningful, truly engaging business relationships.

1. Teach me something new – the traditional view is that sevice companies are here to inform, educate and help their clients make solid decisions. The alternative approach is to use our expertise to teach our clients something new – for example how to get their boards’ support; how to tackle a problem in a novel way; how to draw out insights they wouldn’t have, without us and our specialism. The upside? Solid, lengthy relationships and greater value for all.

2. Storytelling is the only way – a typical way to communicate is – put simply – process driven. We think about the audience, their needs, what we have that…

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About Terri Lucas

Partner and Director of Marketing Strategy @hymansrobertson. Frustrated by lack of innovation and creativity in B2B marketing. Passionate about changing that. Otherwise I am a snapper, book worm, foodie, music lover and traveler. These views are my own.
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